Throughout my career, I, Radhika Patel, DNP, APN, have had the privilege of working extensively with a wide variety of energy-based devices and the full range of injectables available on the market. My journey began with a prestigious fellowship under the mentorship of a highly acclaimed laser dermatologist. Building on this invaluable experience, I continued my professional development by collaborating closely with an exceptional facial plastic surgeon. It is through these combined experiences and my ongoing work at Sach Aesthetics that I have come to appreciate the inherent limitations of different treatment modalities, including non-surgical skin treatments, injectables, and even surgery.

While non-surgical options and injectables have revolutionized the field of aesthetic medicine and provided tremendous benefits to countless patients, it is important to recognize that they too have their boundaries. Even patients who undergo a comprehensive surgical rejuvenation, such as a double blepharoplasty, facelift, lip lift, rhinoplasty, ponytail lift, and neck lift, may require additional skin treatments to stimulate collagen and elastin production, thereby enhancing the overall result. In fact, it is quite common for surgeons to utilize products like Sculptra immediately after surgery to promote collagen synthesis and improve skin quality.

Conversely, it is crucial to acknowledge that there may come a point where non-surgical treatments and devices have reached their maximal potential, and further filling or relying solely on laser and device treatments may not yield significant improvements. At Sach Aesthetics NYC, we prioritize open and honest communication during consultations. Not only do I personally discuss what I can offer you based on my expertise and available resources, but I am also committed to recommending alternative options and providing trustworthy references to help you achieve your aesthetic goals. In some instances, surgery may be the most appropriate and optimal solution to address specific aging concerns effectively. I know that our non surgical options have limitations and we will work with those limitations to get you the best results.

In the dynamic landscape of medical aesthetics, fostering genuine and transparent discussions is foundational to providing the highest standard of individualized care. At Sach Aesthetics in the heart of NYC, we are dedicated to elevating your understanding of cosmetic procedures. Our approach is rooted in the synergy between surgical and non-surgical techniques, ensuring a nuanced and holistic perspective. By combining these approaches, we offer tailored solutions that prioritize the achievement of natural, harmonious, and long-lasting results.

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