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Radhika is a fellowship trained dermatology nurse practitioner with a background treating complex skin conditions, preventing and diagnosing skin cancers, performing surgical excisions, and performing the full spectrum of cosmetic skin treatments including peels, microneedling, lasers, energy based devices, and newest, latest aesthetic technologies.

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As an expert in treating pigmentary skin conditions such as melasma, acne, and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, Radhika will work with you to create a regimen combining prescriptions, skincare products, and in office VIPeel Precision Plus to peel away the pigmentation and even out your skin. The at home treatments prep your skin, create the perfect aftercare environment, protect the new, fresh skin, and maintain your glowing results.

With almost five years treatment acne, Radhika can help you create a skincare regiment combining prescription agents, the right skincare products, and the VIPeel Purity or VIPeel Purity Precision Plus to help treat both the acne and acne scarring. This combination will help reduce break outs, prevent new ones, and clear away damage done from old acne. Radhika may even recommend combining you series with microneedling, subcision, and dermal fillers to help really erase acne scarring and leave you with less texture. Acne can be so frustrating to both prevent and treat and Radhika's dermatology background can help you get the acne relief you need. Radhika also does virtual acne treatments via her PUSH health office for patients in NY and NJ.  

ICE PICK SCARS: TCA CROSS is an amazing option for patients with ice pick scars which are tiny little acne scars that look like enlarged pores. This treatment entails Radhika placing an extremely strong peeling solution directly into to scar creating purposeful damage and stimulating collagen and build the skin up inside the scar and lift the tissue to even the skin texture out. This treatment is safe for all skin tones but Radhika recommended prepping darker skin types. Consultation is extremely important to ensure that the treatment is right for you and the correct prep is done to ensure the best results.
BOXCAR SCARS: Radhika likes a multi-modal approach to treating boxcar scars. These scars look like someone took a hole puncher and made little oval depressions in your skin. Radhika likes to treat boxcar scars with microneedling to help increase collagen in superficial and deeper layers of the skin and fern technique with filler. This is a very advanced technique where we can use filler extremely superficially to actually create a scaffold to strengthen and support the skin. This technique needs to be done a few times but once we are at a great place, it lasts super, super long. Radhika may recommend a very specific laser for treatment and will give you trusted referrals of that is the case for you. 
ROLLING SCARS: Rolling acne scars are the most complex type of acne scars and also need be treated with a multi modal approach. Rolling acne scars are when the skin does not look even with slopes, bumps, and divots with unclear edges. Radhika likes to start treatment of these scars with something called subcision which is when she uses a blunt needle to detach the layers of skin that are scarred together releasing the skin to be able to be plumped with other treatments. This untethering is extremely important in the effective treatment of these scars. Radhika may recommend subcising with PRF, hyperdilute radiesse, or exosomes which are all extremely effective at stimulating collagen and elastin for even more effectiveness depending on your specific case. Radhika usually then recommends microneedling, dermal fillers with both volumizing and fern technique, and potentially a very specific laser regimen with her referrals. These scars can be particularly distressing to patients to who have them and our approach caters around efficacy and empathy. We will help you get the skin you want.

VIPeels can be used on areas that are heavily sun damaged to help reduce fine lines, crepiness, and pigmentation in the area. Radhika loves combining peels with Sculptra to boost the skin even more to help replace the collagen loss from long term sun exposure. Make sure to see your dermatologist yearly for skin checks! 

VIPeels can be used to peel away superficial skin that can have a dull appearance. The baby skin after treatment can give you serious glow and help you boost the results you are seeing from your skincare routine. Radhika loves VIPeels combined with the Jan Marini Retinol Mask the week after to really get you started on the magic of retinols!

Microneedling is an extremely effective treatment for superficial collagen loss. Radhika only does medical depth microneedling where we induce bleeding while using either your own PRF or exosomes for the best possible results we can achieve with the latest technologies available. Downtime is minimal -- about a week with some redness, dry skin, and light peeling. Come in and get your dream, smooth skin right her in Jersey City, NJ!

Sclerotherapy is the gold standard treatment for spider veins in the legs (and it is onlyyyy for the legs!). We inject an agent that helps remove those veins over time. Like most highly effective treatments, a series is recommended. Radhika is super strict about ensuring you have compression garments on you for treatment to make sure you have the best results. You have to wear the compression socks, leggings, or stockings as much as possible the first week after each session. Wear them as much as you can anyways! Radhika knows they aren't fun but they go a long way in preventing this annoying spider veins.

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