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we use a restrained, strategic approach to fillers to balance and harmonize every part of the face & address aging how it is meant to be: holistically & with respect to your natural features

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Ethical practice and safety is everything for us at Sach Aesthetics. We only see 6-8 patients a day so we can spend plenty of time with our patients creating the absolute best treatment plans possible in aesthetics.

Although there are so, so many novel applications of fillers, there is only so far we can go at some point. Radhika will let you know when enough is enough with treatments to maintain your natural proportions. 

Radhika will also tell you the limitations of treatments available at Sach Aesthetics and will refer you to someone that can help you, whether that be with a treatment not available here or a surgeon that can get you the results you are looking for.

You will always come before profits at Sach Aesthetics.

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Full facial balancing with filler is the most popular treatment we have available. We do not age exclusively in individual areas, we age all over all together. With facial balancing techniques, we sprinkle small amounts of fuller over the entire face to make sure everything looks harmonized and natural. This allows us to maintain your beautiful proportions so we don't change how you look but preserve the essence of your beauty.

Lip filler can be used incredibly naturally to redefine the borders of your lips and the columns that connect your lips to your nose. Technique is incredibly important here to avoid migration which is when the filler moves outside of the lip borders. Sharpening this areas with restraint can create extremely natural results that look undetectable but smooth lines in the lip area and create a more defined border in your lips. 

Lip filler can be used to extremely naturally replace lost hydration into the body of the lips.

Chin filler can be used to create shape, length, and projection of the chin. Using specialized techniques, we can sharpen the chin and enhance the entire jawline while maintaining a very natural, untouched look. One of the first areas we notice aging on the face is in the chin shadows. By plumping those shadows, we can change the way the light reflects on the chin making it look more natural. We use drastically different techniques when treating males and females to feminize or create a more masculine chin. Chin enhancement can also help the appearance of submental chin fat by adding structure above and helping reduce the appearance of jawline laxity. 

We can use fillers to treat the entire mid lower face area to beautifully frame the lips. This is a forgotten areas as we age and something patients just want to add a bit of lip filler without correcting this loss of volume and hydration. This leads to a shelf like appearance of the new lips because there is no structure to support them. Adding filler around the mouth helps maintain and preserve the lower face and support the lip area.

Radhika has been personally trained by Tom Van Ejik, the world renowned creator of the Fern Technique which can be used to treat fine likes the crepey skin in the face with dermal filler. Radhika places extremely tiny amounts of filler along individual lines to actually strengthen the structure of the skin in that area to not just plump out the wrinkle but create a scaffold of support. This technique can be used on the face, neck, and all over the body. It can also be used for treating scars including acne scarring.

As we age, we start to lose volume in the temples. The temple fat pads are areas of support for the eyebrows and forehead areas and when we lose that volume, we can see sagging and laxity in the upper eyelids and brows. We can use highly specialized techniques to resupport the temples and the brow bone to sculpt th entire area and create lift. Balancing the forehead, temples, brows with filler and Botox can create extremely natural but potent results. 

This is an extremely high risk area that needs to be addressed cautiously by a highly experienced provider. We can actually use filler to reshape the curves on our forehead that can cause flatten as we age. This will also help left the brows resulting in a very subtle, youthful appearance. 

FEMININE: There is a pandemic of faces that have had filler placed in their chin in jawline that now looks incredibly unnatural. Misplaced filler in this area can broaden a face and, over time, migrate creating a very bulky looking lower face. Using restraint and very elegant techniques we can create crisp structure that is still soft and feminine to create beautiful jawlines with filler. Radhika has an artistic eye that can assess and truly enhance the jawline in an elevated way to avoid looking unnatural.
MASCULINE: Creating a male jawline is all about creating as much definition and crispness as we can without creating bulk. We don't want to make a male face look heavier but instead focus on creating a chiseled look with filler. Filler strategically placed with experienced hands in the jawline and chin can help masculinize the face. We always recommend full facial balancing instead of just spot treating the chin to create effortless, natural look male features. 

Supporting an area that we call the "pre jowl sulcus" can help reduce the appearance of jowls. When we sprinkle filler in the chin and jawline along with treating the pre jowl sulcus, we are able to effectively treat jowls in the lower face with filler. The is to use just enough to see definition and balance without overdoing it and looking unnatural. Radhika has a background in facial plastic surgery and will tell you when enough  is enough and surgery is the only option for correction. 

Filler can magically be used with extremely cautious and advanced techniques to sculpt the nose. What we call the liquid rhinoplastic or a nonsurgical rhinoplasty can be used to straighten the nose bridge, upturn the tip of the nose, and slim the nose tip. The nose is a high risk area and Radhika prioritizes safety above all else. Radhika does not recommend a liquid rhinoplasty if you have a history of surgical rhinoplasty or trauma to the nose which can make it higher risk for occlusion. 

Tear trough filler can be used to plump the under eye area in patients that truly have hollowing under the eyes. Under eye filler works beautifully in the right patient to brighten up the shadows and smooth the area below the lower eyelid. Radhika highly recommended first ensuring that the cheeks and mid face are adequately supported before treating the under eye area. There are risks involved with under eye filler which include  migration and worsening of puffiness around the eyes in the wrong candidate. Radhika recommends considering PRF EZ Gel treatment if you are not a candidate for under eye filler. Consultation is important when considering tear trough filler because not everyone is a candidate and there may be other options available that work for you.

Radhika uses many, many different techniques to treat the nasolabial folds and nasolabial lines with filler. Treating the areas immediately next to the nostril, using the fern technique in the lines, and placing different density fillers in different planes in this area creates a natural results which address all aspects of the folds.

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