Our process begins with an in-person consultation to discuss your aesthetic goals. Through a comprehensive skin & structure analysis, taking into account your budget & downtime availability, along with our refined anatomical knowledge and aesthetic eye honed by years of experience, we work to determine what can realistically be accomplished.

comprehensive facial analysis


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Radhika utilizes her extensive experience in medical and cosmetic dermatology to personally curate the list of skincare products we recommend to our patients to help create the most perfect skincare regimen for their skin needs. Every product we choose to bring on here at Sach Aesthetics needs to meet extremely stringent quality indicators based on scientific research. Radhika is always testing and researching the newest advancements to see what is worthy on being on her patients' shelves so please check back periodically to see what else we have added! 

personally curated by our experts in dermatology

SKincare Brands

We have a curated list of products available from these brands to purchase in office or via email:
Skin Better Science
Aevi Wellness
Pavise Skincare
Jan Marini Skin Research
Obagi Medical Skincare