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Radhika is a fellowship trained dermatology nurse practitioner with a background treating both the medical and cosmetic aspects of hair loss. She is an expert in hair loss and creating the ideal treatment plan for preventing hair loss and optimal hair regeneration.

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All treatments start with a hair loss consultation which can be done in person or online. These consultations includes a full scalp assessment. Radhika may recommend a consult via virtual clinic with PUSH health if she deems lab work is important for your case. She may also recommend seeing one of her medical dermatology partners if you need a biopsy due to unusual cases of hair loss. Once diagnosis is complete, she will create a treatment plan to bring back and boost your natural hair. This may entail oral prescriptions, topical prescriptions, growth factor serums, supplements, and in office treatments. Radhika has previously worked at dermatology and plastic surgery practices that are the authority in hair transplant in the tri state area and she may recommend that route if it will be more beneficial for you. The world of hair loss is filled with snake oil salesmen and we will make sure that we only do enough for efficacy without wasting your time or hard earned money. For this reason, Radhika only offers the most effective treatment options for hair loss and have an amazing list of referrals for adjunctive modalities that may be more helpful for your specific case.

Regenerative treatments are the future of aesthetics, period. This is even more evident in the world of hair loss. Exosomes are cellular messengers derived from stem cells. The highest quality exosomes on the market are placental mesenchymal derived and are extremely finicky. They need to be kept at specific temperatures and need to be used precisely to harness everything we can out of them. We offer only those exosomes here at Sach Aesthetics. Exosomes have over 450 growth factors and can help hair loss significantly. We use a combined technique using microneedling and mesotherapy to achieve excellent results for healthier, stronger hair. Exosome treatment only needs to be done twice a year and works even better with proprietary serums that will boost it's efficacy at home.

Platelet rich fibrin, or PRF, is derived from your own blood. We draw your blood and spin in very specifically in a centrifuge to extract only the liquid gold from your blood. Make sure to stay super hydrated leading up to your appointment to ensure we get the most we can get! PRF is better than PRP because it also includes leukocytes, a type of white blood cell that can trigger natural inflammatory responses int he body creating even more collagen. PRF also is more efficacious than PRP because of the mesenchymal stem cells it includes which boosts the natural growth factors even more for even better results. We are the premier PRF providers in Jersey City, NJ and can use these in so many different applications for both hair loss and skin rejuvenation.

There are so many pharmaceutical modalities now available for hair loss and Radhika is a huge proponent of them. With a background in medical and cosmetic dermatology, Radhika is an expert in hair loss and treating it more medically and aesthetically. This means that Radhika knows what and how to prescribe the right medications for many different types of hair loss. Gone are the days of just using minoxidil for hair loss and considering that pharmaceutical therapy. Radhika combines various oral prescriptions, supplements and topical compounds combining the latest, most researching active ingredients to ensure a holistic and complete hair loss journey. Some medications are life long to ensure results and others can be taken on and off during phases of hair loss depending on your diagnosis. Radhika has hair loss consultations on her PUSH health virtual clinic 

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